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А new project for Russian-speaking tourists and expats is launched in Thailand. In the recent years Thailand has seen a major increase in the numbers of Russian-speaking tourists. However, there is a gap in outreach of the expat and Thai communities to the Russian- speaking one due to the language barriers. The majority of Russian tourists don't have enough English skills to get around, so often they are stuck at the hotel or nearby venues. They have no idea of what Thailand has to offer apart from what their travel agent tells them.

Now this gap is being filled. A new Russian magazine and Web-portal “ExpertAsia.Ru” has a team of English-speaking journalists and editors, who will be working closely with local residents in Thailand, bringing the news, announcements, information on people and businesses in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Koh Chang and Thailand to the Russian-speaking community.

This is a full featured glossy 80 pages public information edition about Thailand targeting to reach Russian-speaking residents and tourists of the Thai Kingdom and readers inside Russia. The magazine features interviews with the Embassy employees of both countries, information about cultural exchange programs and projects, announcements of important events, overview materials about cities and resorts, useful tips for travelers.

Among our readers we see businessmen and state officials, people interested in the latest economic and political news regarding relationships of Russia and Thai Kingdom, as well as Russian tourists in Thailand.

The Magazine is issued every two months and distributed in Thailand at places where Russian expats and tourists are often met. In Russia the Magazine is distributed in the state bodies, chambers of commerce and industry and tourist industry enterprises, airports and selected airlines.

ExpertAsia.Ru Portal & Magazine publishes TOP-LISTS of hotels, restaurants and other tourist-oriented businesses in Thailand. The ratings are issued monthly, and contain evaluation and advice on RECOMMENDED places for Russian-speaking tourists and expatriates. Selected businesses receive a stamp “Recommended by ExpertAsia.Ru”

Additionally, ExpertAsia Magazine is the first one in a series of periodicals devoted to various countries of South East Asia. In the future we plan to publish similar Magazines for Myanmar, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. This is why the first issue of ExpertAsia Magazine contains reviews and basic materials about these countries.

The magazine will be distributed in Russian cities of Moscow and the Urals; popular Thai destinations such as Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Phuket. Several copies will be sent to selected addresses in Pattaya, Bangkok, Hua Hin and Koh Chang.

List of places where the magazine is distributed include (but not limited to):



Embassy of Thailand in the Russian Federation (Moscow)

Russian Ministry of International Affairs (Moscow)

Domodedovo airport (Moscow)

Transaero Airlines charter and regular flight to Thailand (Bangkok and Pkuket)

Offices of large Thailand tour operators in Moscow

Tourism Authority of Thailand in Moscow



Embassy of Russia in the Kingdom of Thailand (Bangkok)

Tourism Authority of Thailand

Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Suvarnabhumi airport (Bangkok airways waiting hall)

Selected hotels used for Russian tourists transit stop overs (including Baiyok Sky hotel, Adriatic Palace Bangkok, Amari Atrium Hotel, Amari Boulevard Hotel)


Koh Samui:

Selected hotels – destinations for Russian tourists (list to be updated)

Selected restaurants (list to be updated)

Selected travel agencies working with Russian tourists (list to be updated)

Selected real estate agencies (list to be updated)

Bangkok Hospital Samui

Samui airport

Samui Immigtation office


Koh Phangan

Selected hotels – destinations for Russian tourists (list to be updated)

Selected restaurants (list to be updated)


Koh Tao

Selected hotels – destinations for Russian tourists

Selected restaurants



Selected hotels – destinations for Russian tourists (list to be updated)

Selected restaurants (list to be updated)

Selected travel agencies working with Russian tourists (list to be updated)

Selected real estate agencies (list to be updated)

Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Phiket airport

Phuket immigration office



Pattaya immigration office

Selected real estate agencies

Selected travel agencies


Hua Hin

Hua hin immigration office

Selected real estate agencies

Selected travel agencies

Selected hotels


Koh Chang

Selected hotels – destinations for Russian tourists (list to be updated)

Selected restaurants (list to be updated)

Selected travel agencies working with Russian tourists (list to be updated)




The projects are run by the Russian News Agency “FederalPress”. Pilot issue of ExpertAsia Magazine was published in March 2011.


ExpertAsia.Ru Web-Portal

It is the first and only collection of influential persons’ bios, companies and mass media relating to certain countries. This is a social network for people who permanently live or travel in South East Asia. The resource contains online diaries and opinions of Russian-speaking expatriates, a catalogue of Russian social and business projects in South East Asia. It also is the first interactive and constantly updated encyclopedia of life, customs and traditions of the Russian-speaking community in South East Asia.

The portal accumulates and broadcasts real-time newsfeed covering events in South East Asia.

Inquiry Center for Russian Tourists

Working on the portal’s basis is an Inquiry Center. The Center unites Russian-speaking experts answering questions of the Russian and CIS people about South East Asia as well as responding calls of SEA citizens willing to learn the Russian language and culture.

The portal also contains the lists of sights, events and traditions of SEA countries from the point of view of the Russian-speaking expat community.

RIA FederalPress’ own correspondents, free-lance writers and website visitors make real-time updates of the archives of the facts, historic and public data about SEA and Russian-speaking expat communities in these countries

Project's Goals:

The Project’s goals include delivering information to the Russian and international audience about Russian-speaking community’s contribution to the development of economy and culture, nation building and daily life of South East Asia countries, disseminating knowledge about SEA countries in the Russian-speaking expat community, and creating a real-time interactive information resource and a growing Encyclopedia of Russia life in South-East Asia.


FederalPress news agency also has a number of other media and business projects connected with Thaland


]]>FederalPress. World News ]]>is a news agency in Russian which covers social, political and economic news from the Kingdom of Thailand and other South-East Asian countries. Thailand office of the Agency was opened in 2009. It is aimed at Russian-speaking audience all around the globe, interested in South East Asian affairs: politicians, businesses and investors, tourists and expatriates.

]]>Days of Thailand]]> in the regions of Russia

FederalPress, together with the Embassy of Thailand in Russia, initiated and organized business and social events in Ekaterinburg dedicated to Thai-Russia relations, in Octiber 2010 and March 2011. Business seminars, press conferences and various cultural activities were scheduled for these projects. ]]>Days of Thailand]]> were a success, getting wide media coverage in Russia and support from the regional government structures. FederalPress received a letter from the Embassy of Thailand expressing gratitude for organization of these events.

It is planned that similar projects will be conducted by FederalPress in the regions of Russia on a regular basis.




Dmitry Resh, Project's director for South East Asia. Advertising and Distribution in Thailand

Phone: +66 835234150


Oksana Fairkloug, Editor-in-Chief of the portal and ExpertAsia Magazine

Phone: +66 806915423


Daria Dergacheva, deputy director, international projects

Phone: +66 805305607 +7912 24 35041


Limanovskaya Lidia, Advertising and Distribution in Russia

Phone + 7-912-24-23-529 e-mail


Arsenii Nikoforov, Project coordinator of the portal and ExpertAsia Magazine

+7 904 16 75 330

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